Re: Politics & Culture: Paglia Goes Green!

From: Natasha Vita-More (
Date: Mon Oct 16 2000 - 21:39:36 MDT

At 01:21 AM 10/17/00 GMT, Zeb wrote:

>I've never even tried to read a Paglia book, everything I know about her is
>from what I've read on the web.

I enjoy her essays at, or elsewhere. I did read _Vamps and
Tramps_ which I did skim, in part, but I have to say that she has been an
influence on me for more than one reason. The primary reason is that she
opened my eyes to Susan Sontag, much her mentor, but a very different
personality and author. While Paglia likes to ruffle feathers, she does
have an uncanny way of employing edged suppositions, and indeed is not
supine. My filmmaking background causes me to visualize her work like I
edited celluloid - laying several frames of footage on top of each other
and then running it through the projector -- superimposition. I like
Paglia's ability to superimpose ideas (however they may impose on those who
do not appreciate her style.)


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