Re: Politics & Culture: Paglia Goes Green!

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Date: Mon Oct 16 2000 - 19:21:37 MDT

Nice review. I have a similar take on Paglia. You mention Nietzsche and De
Sade. All three of them, to some extent, "[Tear] apart every scene on the
human stage...".
A method for finding truth, shared by the three writers mentioned above:
Attack every idea held by anyone, try to be random, offensive, and
provocative, as much as possible (for attention, the joy of offense,
destruction, revenge at society, or whatever). Use your intelligence and
literary prowess to its peak to defend even the most absurd hypothesis you
come up with by this method.
Just as random genetic mutation results in an occassional brilliant
phenotype, this method results in an occasional brilliant idea. But, the
bulk of genetic mutations just result in disease, and the bulk of ideas
obtained by the above method are garbage (moreso for De Sade and Paglia then
Nietzsche, but he wrote his share of shit as well).
I've never even tried to read a Paglia book, everything I know about her is
from what I've read on the web.

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>Subject: Re: Politics & Culture: Paglia Goes Green!
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>For those interested, my review of Paglia's _Sex, Art, and American
>is at
>I was never able to make it through _Sexual Personae_. She is interesting,
>as Zeb says, but only in small doses. After a while, her constant ranting
>and unbacked assertions just become a miasma of incoherent thoughts.
>Daniel Ust

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