Re: RANT: Me dumping my stress on you, you've been warned.

From: Ralph Lewis (
Date: Mon Oct 16 2000 - 16:56:08 MDT

That is also true, good standard test scores can impress admission committees.

GPA's can vary all over the place. I have had students with A's in English
composition who could not read. We had to send them to English as a second
language programs even though English was their first and only language!

Good Luck


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><< My god, what kind of crazy school would accept
>that? 2.74 GPA baby, a few failed classes *in* my major, and a research
>apprenticeship I mysteriously dropped. >>
>*My* GPA in college was 2.0! What I did was to take courses in Biology, study
>like mad for the GREs, and get recommendations by volunteering in a lab.
>(Michael Rose) This worked: everybody wanted me. A really good score on
>the GRE will cover a lot, and you still have time to do it.
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