Re: Cold Fusion Update

From: John Clark (
Date: Sun Oct 15 2000 - 13:55:04 MDT

scerir <> Wrote:

>since the claims by Pons and Fleischmann
> were announced ten years ago, studies have been
> undertaken by hundreds of scientists in 9 countries
> in an attempt to verify what they called Cold Fusion.
> *Some* of the results support the idea that anomalous
> nuclear reactions can be made to occur in special materials.

Elvis sightings. Why can't I read about these reports were in
Science or Nature ? The few positive results in a peer reviewed journal
of any merit came out years ago and most were subsequently retracted.

> *Many* investigations failed to show the claimed effects.

One of the great understatements of out time.

>Ten years of worldwide work have produced over 2500 published papers

And how many of those 2500 published papers are worth a bucket of warm spit? Zip.

Muon-catalyzed cold fusion might be practical someday, it has been shown
to work at temperatures as cold as 13 degrees Kelvin, but the Pons and
Fleischmann variety is as dead as junk science ever gets. Unfortunately that's
not nearly dead enough.

>the Mossbauer effect, the H.T.SuperCond. effect were unbelievable....

No. They were astounding , they were amazing, but they were not unbelievable
because they were repeatable.

                   John K Clark

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