Re: A scary but HYPOTHETICAL question.

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sun Oct 15 2000 - 13:20:12 MDT

> > Spike Jones wrote:
> ...
> > > instinct to use our dying breath attempting to download to surviving
> > > humanity those insights we have managed to gain? Im not arguing
> > > this is not a good thing to do, I just cannot figure out exactly why.
> >
> Alex Future Bokov wrote:
> Sure it's rational if one was to take an objective viewpoint. I think Spike
> is just wondering why so many people would behave in a relatively rational
> and objective manner, in complete contradiction of classical, pre-memetic
> Darwinianism. :-)

Actually the more I think it over, it makes total sense, more sense than
the perennial puzzle of battlefield altruism. Humans are animals, animals
have hardwired instinct somehow coded into the genes. Even those of us
humans who have no desire to reproduce still have the overpowering urge
to fuck each other's brains out, even at the possible risk of our lives. Just
like the other animals, eh? Curious, but totally natural. Human kind has
survived and prospered *because of* our natural memetic Darwinism. spike

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