Re: A plea for restraint

From: Skye (
Date: Sun Oct 15 2000 - 10:22:39 MDT

You know, I was thinking- it might be easier for the
brain to interpret signals from other brains than it
would for a computer to render it into some kind of
multimedia file and send it. I imagine that looking
into dreams and other such fantastical experiences
might give us a starting point for where to hook up,
and tests with several subjects might be the sort of
thing one would have to conduct. I'm wondering
whether or not this would be invasive sensory material
or passive- I hope the latter, like daydreaming or
imagining being fed back through into their sensory
regions, rather than the former, like driving through
traffic and suddenly "seeing" what someone else is
As to storage, everything in the brain is so massivly
amplified between it and the outside world, it might
be gigs of information for just short periods... quite
a lot of storage space'd be needed, unless of course
the storage space was, say, an additional, specialized
I think building such a cortex would really be a step
in the right direction for neuroscientists, AI
researchers, and others who wanted to examine how the
brain works.
This all sounds somewhat subjective, in some respects,
and definitely sounds like you would need a lot of
volunteers, though I might be still thinking in an old
fashioned way in this age of computer simulations and
tissue cultures.
Think of it, a teenager, old-fashioned! We are living
in interesting times.

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