Re: A plea for restraint

From: Eugene Leitl (
Date: Sun Oct 15 2000 - 10:48:46 MDT

Alex Future Bokov writes:

> Eugene, describe to me your dream communication medium. No holds
> barred, putting practical considerations aside for the moment, just
> what people would use for all their communications in a perfect world.


I want to be able to talk (think words/icons/other legacy overlaid on
the visual field, beam multimedial imagery including emotions and body
image (full feelie grade) as cetaceans are supposed to be able to) to
single persons and groups of people regardless of their
location. Think of it as electronically augmented tele(em)pathy. If
they don't listen right now, this stuff is stored.

I want to be able to receive such communications, store it all in a
retrievable way (something with a voice/mental interface, preferably
seamless to the thought process) and apply adaptive neuronal filters
on it.

I would like the projection and storage medium to be aware of the
content structure it is handling. The smarter, the better, so I can
delegate. I would like it to be ubiquitous, and nonintrusive.

For time being, I would settle for a parallel ~TFlop wearable with a
fully immersive see-through headup rendering rich augmented reality,
voice recognition and synthesis. This functionality would be greatly
enhanced if I could generate keyboard and (3d)mouse events with a few
10 bit/s bandwidth implant somewhere in the motorical cortex. With a
little training this would make for a truly intuitive GUI: you think
words on screen, move windows and popup stuff by thinking about it.
And yeah, it would be very cool if I could talk to the system using
"inner voice", and not look and act the average street crazy talking
to hydrants. Having similiar overlay (cochlear implant, something
further down audio pipeline) with audio would be nice, too.

We're probably three-four decades away from such a thing

Of course, things can get only better with invasive medical
nanotech. Here you can map your individual concept space to a
standartized/consensus stream of symbols, propagated
wirelessly. Borg, sounds Swedish.

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