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Date: Sat Oct 14 2000 - 20:13:39 MDT

A better idea then volunteering time and money to the Green party to detract
votes from the Democratic party is to form your own local Green party and
run for office. You could certainly get more votes doing that then you can
just campaigning for some other candidate. It also puts you in a position to
confuse and jumble the Green positions, making the overall term "Green
party" less meaningful. Look what it did for the reform party - the only
position they had with Perot was "reform the government" (which is somewhat
akin to washing shit), they were open. The Greens aren't as open - but
they're pretty open and undefined in most people's minds, as many people who
purport to be supporters of them only do so because they see Nader as "an
alternative to the status quo", and really know very little about them and
their exact positions except that they're environmentalist/socialist types
(I've heard people who used to talk highly about the LP now talking highly
about the GP in a similar light, as if their opposite ideologies are
interchangeable because they're both "an alternative").
With some well placed memetic terrorism, the Green party ideology could be
as absent as the Reform party ideology is, an ideology wide enough to
accomodate both Pat Buchanan and John Hagelin.
Come to think of it - after looking at Hagelin's site a bit
( I wonder if he's a closet Green trying just this
same tactic on the Reform Party.. good for him.
Everyone should do this to every political party and drag them all down.

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