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From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sat Oct 14 2000 - 18:27:26 MDT

> Spike Jones <> wrote:
> >
> > Nowthen, suppose we go ahead and accept things the way
> > they are, recognizing that the winner of this election will be
> > either the Democrat or the Republican....
> > and the outcome is important as all hell,
> Dave Sill wrote: Is it? Sure, given the choice between Gore and Bush I'd
> rather see Bush
> elected. But they're idealogically so close that I don't think it matters
> much which is elected.

Except for the fact that algore might be reinventing himself in the race
for the center, the strategy that makes the most sense, in order to get
elected. Once elected, algore v.7.1 may re-emerge, the one that
wrote "Earth in the Balance."

> > Libertarian to do is to vote Republican and donate to Darth
> > Nader. Libertarians for eco-totalitarianism. Greens for Browne.
> You're also missing the fact that it's morally reprehensible to support your
> enemies.

Wellll, I would not go as far as "morally reprehensible", especially when
you are helping your harmless enemy so he can harm your harmful
other enemy. I admit, it gets hopelessly entangled in paradox.

> If every Libertarian did as you suggest, the Greens would get a
> huge boost and the LP would be seriously set back.

But what if the Greens did the same math? Would they not help
Harry n order to harm Shrub? And since there are (I think) more
Greens than Libertarians, then the LP wins on the deal.

> The best way to support the LP is to support the LP. Vote LP. Donate to the
> LP and the LP candidates. Don't play games trying to maximize your impact
> that could backfire. -Dave

You may be right Dave. Other views? spike

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