Re: Incomplete Singularity

From: J. R. Molloy (
Date: Fri Oct 13 2000 - 14:59:07 MDT

Anders Sandberg wrote,

> I wouldn't say a Singularity makes everything unknowable, rather that
> it makes things unknwoable for people standing too far away from
> it. It will be an always receeding horizon, but close to it time
> distances will be very short.

Using that logic: For all we know, a Singularity has already occurred and we
don't know it.

> There are many levels of ignorance, and some are harder to deal with
> than others. Some are just due to mistaken facts. Others are because
> you have not had the chance to interact and ask questions. Deeper
> forms depend on preconceptions filtering all information into certain
> patterns, and the trickiest kinds depend on values selecting which
> information channels to view and what to even accept. Where education
> ends and coercion begins is a hard question - but not a question we
> must shrink back from.

So, have you any partially formed answers?

Stay hungry,

--J. R.
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