Re: v2.5 vs v3.0

From: Elaine Walker (
Date: Fri Oct 13 2000 - 02:06:28 MDT

--- Max More <> wrote:
> Dan: Thanks for your responses to Elaine's rather snide comments on the
> Principles. You clearly explained the reasons for some of the changes.

Snide? Oh dear. I do have a giant amount of respect for you, and when I read
your email I wanted to go running with my tail between my legs. I think part of
it is the “misunderstood sense of humor syndrome”. I apologize for the
unintentional snideness. I’m glad to hear about version 4.0.

I know the struggle it takes to write a document, together with a group of people.
I have a team of five working on an important document, and it seems the longer
we spend updating it, the longer and dryer it gets. I finally added two sentences
back in from the original version that were quite passionate. We need the
document to appeal to the most practical business minded, and also to the most
passionate of them all, at the same time. It’s an almost impossible task. I just
thought I’d share that.

Good luck with 4.0. I think I've already said more than my two cents.


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