Re: Cryo-suspension for death row

From: Technotranscendence (
Date: Thu Oct 12 2000 - 10:17:06 MDT

On Wednesday, October 11, 2000 10:01 PM Michael LaTorra
> "Michael S. Lorrey" wrote:
>> I find it odd that so many people in the world think that living is the
>> most
>> important thing, to the exclusion of all else. For me, liberty and
>> intelligence
>> are more important than life, as I would fight and die to resist any
>> attempt to remove either from me.
> So it's no wonder your state license plate reads "Life free or die."
> a man to match those mountains, Mike!

I think while one is alive, one can always recover lost liberty and
intelligence. One can live to fight another day.

That said, though, the willingness to fight to the death to keep them has
its merits. It raises the price of dictatorship.

Frankly, though, I'd rather get those who want to take them from me to die
trying than to make some romantic gesture a la the Light Brigade,
memorialized by Tennyson. (Of course, I'm not claiming the Crimean War was
about liberty and intelligence.) Dead is dead. I'm sure Michael would
choose that path too, though I'm not sure if either of us would be willing
to go further. After all, talk is talk.

That most people value just breathing alone more than liberty or any other
thing in life is just a fact. This is why when most people are faced with
an armed robber or rapist, they give in rather than resist and die.


Daniel Ust

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