Re: I'm ba-ack!

From: Dave Sill (
Date: Wed Oct 11 2000 - 15:57:27 MDT

J R's message seems to be intentionally baiting, but I'll give it a go

J R Molloy <> wrote:
> Yes, the list is about the same as ever. Same old topics, same old complaints,
> same old... same old. Interesting that people who engage a discussion of
> accelerating change (of the extropic kind) do not themselves seem to change
> their minds, their opinions, their politics, their attitudes, or their
> philosophical positions.

Speak for yourself, J R. I've changed all of those quite dramatically over
the years, and I remain openminded and ready for more change.

> ... Others realize that, due to
> their economic situation and the fact they are past their prime, they don't
> stand a chance of joining the singularity clique.

They may *believe* that, but they can't *realize* it until it's true.

> Anti-geezer sentiments run
> high among young turks (although you may not be as sensitive to this issue as
> some of us). Sure, geezers want to "rise to the heavens" ...the problem relates
> to being tied down by decades of psychic baggage and an unattractive persona.
> Who would we rather recruit, a bevy of nubile young extro-girls, or some lame
> old duck who can't even learn computer languages, but who still wants to join
> the party? (Hint: the geezers can't even make it to the party.)

Why can't the "geezers" "make it to the party"? I might be a geezer,
depending on your definition of geezer, but personally I wouldn't exclude
anyone based on their age or their ability to learn a programming language.
A population consisting solely of young nerds doesn't sound terribly
interesting to me. I prefer a wider range of backgrounds, experiences,
abilities, and interests.

> .., I know >H AI doesn't want an old
> fart like me around on its honeymoon. <gag me with a virtual spoon>

How can you *know* what a nonexistent entity wants?

> ... The more I think about it, the more I suspect Sasha had
> the right idea.

I know Sasha died, but I missed the discussion about it. You seem to be
implying that he killed himself. I don't see anything Extropic about suicide.

> When faced with years and years of toil to earn enough capital
> to freely join technological singularity, it seems more reasonable, rational,
> and yes, responsible to simply opt out.

Sounds more like a cop out than an opt out. Suit yourself, but don't think
you're doing anyone a favor.

> ... And look what's going on in the Middle East today.
> It's only depressing if you plan to be around for more than a few more years.

It's also depressing if you've giving up on believing that things can be
better and that you might possibly live to see it happen.


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