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Date: Wed Oct 11 2000 - 13:02:22 MDT

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> Emlyn, last time this thread came up, we found that most of this list
> is INTP or ENTP (Im bi-polar between these two, as are several
> others). Dont know if it means anything, but perhaps the fact that
> so many of us fall into the theoretically smallest subquadrant of the
> smallest quadrant lends *some* credibility to the whole notion. spike

I'm very close to being bi-polar between ENFP and ENTP myself.

I actually know quite a bit about the nature of the indicator and the
significance of the results it generates, having studied and administered it
for many years.

As a (very!) general tool for the examination of where we get our energy
from, how we take in information, how we make decisions and -when- we make
decisions, it is interesting and useful-- particularly insofar as it allows
individual humans to have a less critical understanding of why some other
people seem stubbornly different.

My parents for instance, are almost opposite-- they share the letter J-- and
their understanding of the MBTI allowed them to productively comprehend why
they were engaging in certain types of conflicts.

However I have found the application of this indicator in my own life to be
limiting-- for instance, my experience of the T-F continuum is not linear--
I seem to operate in a third mode that combines the two.

In context, a valid and interesting tool nonetheless.


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