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Date: Wed Oct 11 2000 - 11:09:27 MDT (Robin Hanson) writes:
>I find it striking that people seem to think that the speed and nature of
>learning is one area where AIs will be very different from humans, even
>though they seem to think AIs will be similar in so many other ways,
>including having consciousness, wanting to squash bugs, being unable to
>clearly articulate their goals, etc. In contrast, I think that while many
>other details can differ a lot, the speed and nature of learning is not
>one of them.

 You seem to have a plausible model of how societies improve their
collective IQ and of how individuals are able to utilize social knowledge.
 But IQ tests appear to do a fairly good job of filtering out these effects
and measuring mainly what individuals can do in isolation. It is hard to
believe that this is affected by the compute cycles of the rest of humanity.
 I was mainly reacting to your claim that you had a good explanation for
the Flynn effect. Your model may well describe some effects that will be
important in predicting the social effects of AI.

>> My current hypothesis for what is causing the Flynn effect is based on
>>the kind of sexual selection that is described in The Mating Mind. I

>Most observers don't think there has been enough time for selection to
>have much changed intelligence over the last century. And your hypothesis

 Most people have underestimated the effects of sexual selection, and
this has caused them to underestimate the maximum speed of evolution.
Do you know of any analysis which says sexual selection can't cause
IQ changes this quickly?

>seems to me the opposite of the Mating Mind idea as I understood it. I
>thought the ability to earn a living was mainly just taken as a signal
>of the fitness of your genes.

 The Mating Mind talks mainly about measures of fitness which are stable
over time, but doesn't appear to exclude context-sensitive fitness measures.

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