Re: Cryo-suspension for death row

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Tue Oct 10 2000 - 23:43:38 MDT

> Jeff Davis wrote: Friends,
> I can't really work up any enthusiasm for death row cryo-suspension as an
> application of cryonics...
> Call me a purist, but I think cryonics is about hope, progress,
> rationalism, cultural honesty, compassion, and the ancient human quest to
> end the depredations of disease, aging, and death. If we want to promote
> it, let's reach out from that philosophical center.

Jeff, you purist! You know I think the world of you bud, but I disagree
all to hell on this. I guess that makes me an impurist. Always wanted to
be an impurist. {8^D

Everyone who is suspended is a potential asset to all
of those who are suspended, for the contents of their memories will be
used to help build a more realistic simulations of the world that existed
at the time of their suspension. Furthermore, I have no doubt that by
the time we manage to resurrect the frozen, we will be able to make
a good person out of one that was bad.

Think it over: freezing, then curing prisoners *is* about hope, progress,
rationalism, cultural honesty! And what could be more compassionate?
We know that elderly people often lose interest in life. Prisoners facing
execution provide a class of people who *want* to live, who *recognize*
theyve made a terrible mistake.

And who knows, that class *might* include a few who killed someone who,
as Mike Lorrey likes to say, desperately needed killin. An example would
be a case where two yahoos were doing an armed robbery, went to pistol
whip the victim, the weapon fired, killing his partner in crime. The first
criminal was charged with murder. I say, hey, lets freeze the bastard, he
might be repairable later. spike

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