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Virtual pets are nothing new. But the land that gave us the Tomagotchi is about
to deliver the first physical virtual pet-- in other words, a robot.,3679,2257334,00.html
Sony's AIBO resembles a dog, much like Star Wars' C3PO resembles a human. AIBO
(which stands for Artificial Intelligence roBOt) also means "buddy" in Japanese,
and that's what these amazingly lifelike robotic dogs will become. The robot
contains 18 motors (four for the head, three for each leg and two in the tail)
that let it walk, sit, sleep, beg, and perform a host of other dog-like actions.
AIBO is an entirely new type of robot developed by Sony. Just having AIBO around
can make your day great. You'll have so much fun interacting with AIBO that you
might forget it's a robot! AIBO has emotions and instincts, and can learn and
develop its own personality while spending time with you in your home. As it
matures, it grows to be unique from any other AIBO -- your own personal robot
Sony said today it will begin selling a new pet robot by the end of the year as
a mechanical pal for its popular "Aibo" robot dog.

Sony Aibo
"It will be a friend of Aibo's, but we can't say anything more about it," a Sony
representative said. Further details, including the robot's launch date, will be
announced Oct 12.
Aibo, an 11-inch-tall doglike robot that can go for walks, chase after a ball
and wag its tail, went on sale in June 1999, priced at $2,290 (250,000 yen) in
Japan and $2,500 in the United States.
A limited edition of 3,000 Aibos sold out just 20 minutes after they went on
sale over the Internet in Japan, while 2,000 of the pricey pets were sold in
four days in the United States.
Responding to better-than-expected demand, the company made another 40,000,
slightly modified, Aibos for sale in Japan, the United States and Europe.

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