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Date: Mon Oct 09 2000 - 22:38:42 MDT

At 03:50 AM 10/10/00 GMT, Zeb wrote:

>I think anthropologists of the future will look at the death penalty along
>the same continuum of human sacrifice and Roman blood sports.

This is a difficult, difficult matter. That we ever put to death a person
whose conscious or unconscious vindictive nature was a burden to society
will actually reveal more about how we educate, relate, and problem solve
our world's many problems.

It is just as abrasive toward society to allow a person who has
intentionally killed another to walk free untethered, as is the very act of
killing. Killing, of any sort, must not be taken lightly. There is a
crack in our justice system that bends over backwards to appease the
threats of criminals who want justice, just as there is a blemish in a
system that is anxious to recriminate by death.

I find that the death penalty as backward, yet I feel deep anguish over the
death of someone who has been killed.

Now, back to the business of cryonics for death row inmates: I think it
could certainly provide substantial fastforward advances in research of
cryoprotectants, etc., preparation methods and technologies, as well as the
building of more and better facilities. I would favor such a business if
it were provided for those where there was a question of a doubt, although
can't help but feel a bit reluctant to store mass murderers. (Although,
here a behavioral psychologist might say that the person could be cured
with proper medication, etc. We know that the impulse to kill could be
attributed to many reasons.)

As for my own dewer - I'd prefer to be stored at a different location than
one that stores death row suspendees, unless and until we learn that the
impulse to kill is a disease.


"Beware of those in whom the need to punish is strong" Goethe

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