Re: Gay Extropians!!! (What have I started!??!)

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Date: Mon Oct 09 2000 - 22:07:01 MDT

>Subject: Re: Gay Extropians!!! (What have I started!??!)
>Date: Mon, 9 Oct 2000 17:40:24 -0400 (EDT)

>I have no idea what studies you are talking about showing that bisexuals
>(and I assume you are talking about males here) have more success with
>women! Who does this kind of research?! I must read this! I've known a
>host of bisexuals over the years (I'm 25 at the moment), and know
>everything from married bisexuals to somewhat celebate ones. But I seem to
>think that straight men are more into the bisexual women fantasy than
>straight women are into the bisexual men fantasy. Still, I'm totally in
>favor of fantasy and self-constructed selves.... (try to focus this back
>to Extropian issues).
>- Eric

I think it was me who originally made the point that women tend to like gay
males. I was not speaking of as sexual partners, and thats why I said gay
males rather then bisexual ones. It's been my observation, and I think that
most people will have made similar observations, that there are many women
(more then would be accounted for by chance) who have an inordinate number
of friends who are gay males. I'd assume that this is based on something in
their personality that they like, rather then an attempt to fullfill sexual
fantasy. I was saying this to explain something I'd read that said women who
identify themselves as lesbians have had more male sexual partners then
women who identify themselves as straight have had, and that I read read
that men who identify themselves as gay have had a high number of female
sexual partners as well. I read this in a journal called "deviant behavior"
(it was.. for a class) and the study was dated in the 1980s. The link I was
assuming was that if you're friends with someone, you're more likely to have
sex, and I was suggesting this as a possible evolutionary strategy for
homosexuality - although it's pretty Rube Goldberg. There's other
explanations for why some women have many gay friends - maybe a gay guy is
just more likely to come out to a female friend, or that a straight guy
would be less likely to talk about "my gay friend bob".

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