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Date: Mon Oct 09 2000 - 20:27:14 MDT

At 06:09 PM 10/9/00 -0700, you wrote:
> >All Illinois waiting periods are also strictly enforced. It's a quick ride
> >to jail if you try to bypass them and get caught.
> >
>And does the same hold for, say, Florida and other states? Answer: it
>does NOT hold for Florida - I live here, have been to the shows, and
>know. The same for the number of 'private citizen' gun dealers with
>firearm-strewn tables. BTW, the Turner Diaries are a popular seller at
>such shows; I purchased a copy at one, from a 'private citizen' gun
>dealer, just to see what the fuss was about. It was indeed revolting.

Never heard of the "Turner Diaries" Tales of Ted and Jane - or something
more like "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" (is that right?)? More
info, please.

I would not term the tables of guns "strewn" as revolting, unless the guns
were damaged in the "strewing". Persons who don't respect good machinery
should not have it.

If Florida does not have waiting periods, then if you care about this, try
to get it changed at the state level. This is not something the feds should
be involved in. By present federal law, the background checks are required
of all dealer sales, still.

>Yeah, let's arm ALL the teachers, and if a metal detector shows that they
>DON'T have weapons, they should be issued at the schoolhouse door -
>NOT. Let's keep the guns out of the hands of the kids, instead, through
>gun show background checks.

Ever hear of the "war on drugs"? If kids can get heroin, they can get guns.
Shut down the gun shows, and you just take away the rights of the many who
don't shoot up schools to ATTEMPT to stop the minuscule number of creeps
who do.

Again and again - exactly how are any kinds of gun laws aside from a
complete confiscation of all weapons, done by an inch - by - inch search of
the entire continent, followed by a hermetic sealing of the borders, going
to prevent a determined nutcase from getting a weapon on the black market
that exists now and will grow uncontrollably as soon as the confiscation is
announced? Guns are simple machines. They can be made in a garage in a few
hours, along with ammo, if that is what you need to do. You will succeed in
making guns hard to get for good, stable people, and make lots of money for

It's not necessary for every school staff member to be armed and ready for
a fire fight, let alone openly carrying. I would not expect anyone to carry
a firearm unless they were proficient in its' use and mentally and
emotionally prepared to use it when necessary. The simple knowledge that
some staff MIGHT be armed is sufficient to prevent many crimes. The
suicidal person who would still attempt an atrocity will always be with us
- but at least there would be a chance that someone with a weapon and the
skill to use it in a crunch would be on hand when the disturbed person appears.

The actual figures on "mass" killings are very low, but highly publicized.
There are a few unpublicized instances of an armed individual stopping or
preventing a Columbine style massacre. They are unpublicized because they
do not fit with the media's demonization of firearms. When I find my
references, I will send them to you direct.

>Most likely it is an NRA disinformation urban legend, or it was the kids
>themselves hyping their impending spree - that is, unless you believed
>that government operatives showed them 52 Red Queens.

The warning call supposedly came in on a line that was reserved for
official use - not one that could be easily dialed in on by anyone.
I don't recognize the reference to "Queens".

Chuck Kuecker

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