Re: Gay Extropians!!! (What have I started!??!)

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Date: Mon Oct 09 2000 - 20:15:34 MDT wrote:
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> >Check out _The Social Organization of Sexuality_ (Laumann, Gagnon,
> Michael, Michaels). I think straight women are more rare than
> straight men, despite what they say. Extropy involves expansion
> of life forces in every direction, and bisexuality has more extropic
> potential than homo or hetero by themselves.<
> Wait. There is little question in my mind that tendancies toward
> bisexuality are innate. But, this was not the issue discussed
> earlier and answered by both Gina and Nadia.
> There is great quesion in my mind that women find bisexuals males
> more interesting sexual partners. In fact, I disagree. However,
> if the original statement means, instead, that women find bisexual
> women more interstaing, I would agree.
> Further,emphasis on bisexuality is human, don't you think? Transhumans
> will have far more exciting and stimulating extropic possibilities
> for sexuality, sensuality and gender.

personally, I find totally straight, "manly men" rather boring except as
perhaps fantasy fetish objects along with other types of kink. Since I
am not particularly into kink I tend to not spend a lot of time there.


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