Extropianistic Therapy!!!

From: stdnt428@hampshire.edu
Date: Mon Oct 09 2000 - 11:45:37 MDT

> > "Extro-therapy" ... for people with a strong sense of purpose combined
> > with a troubled past, I think a transhumanistic epiphany might be just
> > what the doctor ordered.

Interesting! In addition to my normal dot.com activities, I do freelance
hypnosis/NLP/and linguistic changework for both business and consultants.
By utilizing language patterns, and hypnotic patterns, it's possible to
help people de-imprint and re-imprint different patterns in their own
lives to make them happier or more effective, or whatever they'd like.

A lot of the work I use was based on NLP lingustic work called the
"Meta-Model" (which origionated from a Chomskian analysis of several
unusually-effective therapists) and the Milton model (a lingustic
analysis of the language used by the effective medical hypnotist Milton
Erickson, MD.)

Frequently, when I help people make major shifts, I need to introduce them
to new ways of thinking which are outside of their previous cognitive
patterns. Often, I've introduced people to the Life Extension Foundation,
or the Extropy website. Humorously, I just worked with someone who had
been a priest, and when I turned him on to the Lef.org website, he told me
he'd been taking smart drugs for years!!!

- Eric


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