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From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Mon Oct 09 2000 - 11:30:27 MDT


>While I can understand, in theory (I certainly don't want to
>intiate another non-productive gun control thread), the concern
>over potential limitations on gun ownership, I'd think that the
>potential threat to personal freedoms presented by the Republicans
>would be of a more serious nature to any transhumanist/Extropian.
>Even ignoring the overtly religious stuff pushed even more by the
>Republicans than the Democrats, some of the Republican positions
>directly challenge our control over our own lives. For instance,
>the Republican insistence that the government has a right to
>control reproduction by outlawing abortion strikes directly at
>personal rights of the most fundamental nature. Such attitudes
>don't auger well for Republican attitudes on implementing more
>radical technologies that might upset conventional sensibilities.
>Similarly, Bush's objections to physician-assisted suicide,
>expressed during the recent debate, reflect a lack of respect for
>our individual right of self-determination. I don't know exactly
>where the Democrats stand on our right to determine how we die,
>but it seems apparent the Republicans see a role for government in
>that arena. Compared to these challenges to our most basic
>personal freedoms, something like a ban on assault weapons seems
>like small potatoes.

The democratic position against the Second Amendment is
considerably more than a prohibition against assault weapons.

I don't agree with GW on most issues, in fact essentially only one.

But if those who would take away my rights will be forced to defend
rights of their own instead, that's just too damm bad.

I am not alone.


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