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Date: Mon Oct 09 2000 - 09:05:00 MDT


On Mon, 9 Oct 2000, Brian D Williams wrote:

> Unfortunately since the democrats have made taking away my Second
> Amendment rights an issue, Harry won't be getting my vote this
> time.

Huh?!! What does Brown have to do with that? He's a Libertarian.

Or are you saying you have to vote for Republicans just to make sure
that the Democrats don't win and extend gun control legislation even
further? Keep in mind-- we have spineless Democrats running against
spineless Republicans. Democrats who don't *really* want to harm
the American gun industry and Republicans who want to kiss up to
Angry Officious Mothers of Hormonally Imbalanced High School Kids.
So, whichever wing of the monoparty wins, you can be sure your rights
will get nibbled away at for the next four years, but not devoured

The monoparty doesn't like sudden changes, even ones that increase
its own power. In the frog story, the water is only *gradually*
brought to a boil, that's why the whole scheme works.

In short, I'd think again about Brown if I were you. There's really
nothing to lose.

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