Re: Greg's response to living a good life

From: Adrian Tymes (
Date: Mon Oct 09 2000 - 01:12:43 MDT

John M Grigg wrote:
> Also, those with the money and knowledge can acquire(and have
> acquired) so much wealth from wallstreet and the ecommerce boom. I
> already feel SO behind these individuals and may never catch up or
> even hold my own.

I know I've suggested it to death, but here's yet another take on it...

To start a new business, you need a plan and some money. Thanks to the
availability of investment money (read: venture capital) these days, you
can get the money (and, increasingly, experienced execs) if you have a
sufficiently good business plan.

It seems rather likely that many things that will lead to the
Singularity have the ability to generate massive amounts of profits en
route to the Singularity. Therefore, it should be possible to create a
business plan where your business tries to build one of these profitable
aspects. Pick the aspect you're most familiar with; that's probably the
one you can most easily map out a profitable business plan in.

If you can generate as much hype as the dot coms (as of last year), and
back it up with substance (the aspect of the Signularity; not that you
probably want to mention it as such, since all you can control is your
aspect, therefore it would be - to the VCs - a big risk to plan on the
Singularity happening), then becoming wealthy should be little problem.
(It will take much time and effort, granted, but the likelihood of
reward for a properly executed plan, especially for the execs and
founders of said plan, is high, no?)

The point is, take action. Don't throw away your day job until you have
to, of course; that way, if it takes longer to get funding for the plan
(and it may), you're not starving. But don't stay exactly where you
are, either.

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