Re: EDUCATION: Evolution: stupid is as stupid teaches

From: Bryan Moss (
Date: Sun Oct 08 2000 - 19:41:52 MDT

Spike Jones wrote:

> [...] Consequently, if the greens wish to prevent or
> reverse modification of the environment by humans, the
> implication is that *humans are not animals.* Or that
> humans are somehow not *natural.* If that is the case,
> can humans *ever* achieve the status of "natural"? [...]

I'd like to second Robert's earlier suggestion of destroying
the whole self-replicating mess that is Nature and replacing
it with something safer. I want to put up some posters of
various hideous skin eating diseases at work with the words
"Biodiversity in Action" printed on them.

> Might we see then the fundies and the greens join forces
> against those who would teach science? That would be
> strange indeed to see *those two guys* working together.

Spike, are you saying you can actually tell the difference
between one irrational idea and another?


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