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Date: Sun Oct 08 2000 - 18:04:55 MDT

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>> But when we can verify by means of a person's criminal or mental history
>> their intent is violently predatory or irresponsible, we should deny them
>> tools with which to actualize such intent.
>> >
>Tools can mean a lot of things. Cars...computers....can openers....all can
>be used with hostile intent...
>Taking your statement to it's logical conclusion then you would impose the
>death penalty? ...banishment to a desert island?....a frontal
>lobotomy?.....or merely lifelong imprisonment upon people with such histories?
>Where does it stop?
We were specifically addressing guns, not straw herring substitutes. I would strengthen the law's already present denial of legal purchase of firearms to kids, criminals and psychos by closing the gun show loophole (mandating background checks for all purchases at gun shows) and by closing the fake collector loophole, where a so-called 'private collector' buys a hundred of the same street-popular model each week. Neither of these legal tweaks would make it more difficult in the slightest for sane and law-abiding adults to purchase, keep and bear. We do NOT have to leave it easy for kids, psychos and criminals to obtain guns in order to keep it easy for sane law-abiding adults to do so. If kids, criminals or psychos break such laws and are caught illegally obtaining guns which they were not legally entitled to obtain, then they should be prosecuted, something the NRA endorses wholeheartedly.

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