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Date: Sun Oct 08 2000 - 11:40:21 MDT wrote:
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> > Teleoperated commercial aircraft delivery vehicle
> I thought I was the only one to have thought that up! (It is pretty obvious,
> I guess, but the mundanes I spring it on act like I'm some kind of evil
> genius for coming up with it.)

Why bother with that?

Me: "Ok, here's a package for [insert target city]."

UPS: "Awfully heavy for its size. Whatcha got in it?"

Me: "X-ray film, heavily lead-lined so your scanners don't expose it.
Also some GPS electronics. It's for a hobbyist friend."

UPS: <checks x-ray> "Why are the electronics wired to the box?"

Me: "Mounting. Electronics *are* kinda fragile, you know, so I used the
box to protect the electronics from getting bounced around."

UPS: "Ok..."

Of course, it ain't actually X-ray film inside the sealed lead box, but
how's anyone gonna know without cracking the box? And, after the fact,
it's not like there would be much evidence, especially if I paid in
cash, used a fake name, and dropped it off in a UPS office in some
county (or even state) I never intend to visit again.

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