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<< Sure but dont worry about culture shocking Zubrin. Hes been an
 out-there kinda guy for so long and people are always taking pot
 shots at him. Hes developed a rugged suit of armor. {8^D
 Actually, when you read what Zubrin is proposing, for instance in
 his Case for Mars, he really *isnt* that far out there. He isnt proposing
 any technology that has not already been developed. His message
 is no fantasy, it is more a straightforward LETS DO IT, lets get it
 done, we can, lets GO. Love that kinda talk. spike >>
The fellow is definitely a sharp cookie, especially since I believe he came
up with the concept of a magsail, what professor Winglee at U of Washington
is currently trying to develop for NASA, before Winglee. His Magsail would
slow down a fast starship by slamming into the magnetic field of a
neighboring solar system, so as to not spend 1/2 the loaded fuel, slowing
down in order to orbit. Zubrin also stated some years back that the Magsail
would be great for solar system crusing.

I also wonder if some others you may have connections with might be
"invitable"? Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, Clifford Pickover, etc.??? (pant

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