Homosexuals are superior (was Re: Gay Extropians!!!)

From: Jeff Davis (jdavis@socketscience.com)
Date: Sat Oct 07 2000 - 20:22:46 MDT


Let me be blunt. In the face of all the cultural hostility and long
standing prejudices, coercive supression, loud machismo vanity, and
atavistic bullying, a rather simple and straightforward explanation has
been clouded and shunted out of plain view.

Homosexuals are superior.

Ever notice how many of the great, and greatest of the great, artists,
scientists--I am confident re these two fields of human endeavor. I will
leave it to others to add to the list: (military men?, ...?)--are and have
been gay? Intellectually, it seems that homosexuals have substantial
abilities. Combine the best of feminine and masculine cognitive talents,
perhaps? Testosterone and estrogen extremists are, perhaps, intellectually
challenged, having, in a sense, only half a brain? Chuckle.

> Timothy Leary wrote: "Since homosexuality has always been a part of every
> society, you have to assume that there is something necessary, correct
> and valid - genetically natural - about it."

Does anyone know of any studies --you know, science stuff-- done to compare
statistically the intellectual or academic achievements of regular vs extra

I am myself too much of an underachiever to qualify as gay, though I am
quite proud of, and endeavor at all times to empower my feminine side.
--Remember Jael from the bible, first among the women of her tribe. Clever
warrior she. Didn't brag or posture, just delivered the goods. Deadlier
than the male.-- As a child, I was surrounded by strong capable women,
intellectually and emotionally. Women have always seemed to me to be
superior to men, except in the area of overt aggressiveness. And since
lesbians start out as women, and gay men have a sort of feminine component
added on, both cases look to be a kind of *upgrade*, you know, as in from
coach to first class.

Men are loud and boorish because they have to be, lest their self-esteem
suffer in light of their self-evident deficiencies. But buck up, guys. We
have penises, we have sperm, they have to let us play. (For a while yet

As this analysis is less than scientifically rigorous, allow me to throw in
this URL in support of my thesis:


Thank you. Have a nice day.

Best, Jeff Davis

                          "Just because it's hard, doesn't mean you know
how to do it."

Ray Charles

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