Re: Gay Extropians!!!

From: Ralph Lewis (
Date: Sat Oct 07 2000 - 12:27:11 MDT

Some information on sexual attraction might be found I in a paper "SEXUAL
PERSONALITY AND LIFE SATISFACTION" I wrote years ago and presented to the
Society for the Scientific Study of Sex. A reconstruction of the paper is at:

the associated graphic (not well formatted, I found you can't just scan a
slide with small text and have it show up on a VGA monitor) is at

for anyone who wants to wade through the paper.

One of the major works on sexual excitement and attraction is still:

Stoller, Robert J., Sexual Excitement, Archives of General Psychiatry, Vol.
33, August 1976, pp. 899-909.

and Stoller's book by the same title.

The more I read the discussion, the more I think the general system law of
requisite variety applys. A widen range of sexual orientation and behavior
is simply extropic for almost any social animal.

Best Ralph
Ralph Lewis, Professor of Management and Human Resources
College of Business
California State University, Long Beach
Long Beach, California

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