Re: Cryo-suspension for death row

From: Randy Smith (
Date: Fri Oct 06 2000 - 21:13:47 MDT

>From: "zeb haradon" <>


>Do you have a link for the whole article (or is it only in print)?

And here is where you can search for any news article:

>I do not think this will be implemented.

Not now, anyway, but if we could sponsor some cryoresearch, then all those
councilmen couldn't laugh quite as hard, could they?

>Nevertheless, I recommend that those of us who are of the highest social
>standing (certainly not me) get in touch with this Mayor, encourage him,
>congradulate him, move to Greensboro NC and vote for him, and maybe get him
>signed up for cryonics.


>I had an interesting idea a while ago relating to this


>win a lawsuit. After he is frozen, the actual killer comes forward to
>confess to the murder, and there we have a known innocent death penalty
>victim frozen, and a cause celebre for cryonics.

The real problem with any kind of high profile case is that if we come out
looking bad (imagine that, with all the goodwill we have), then we could
become nothing more than fodder for some publicity seeking politico.
Better that we bide our time, try to remain as low profile as possible, make
some money and do some really basic research. We don't have to actually win
the big prize and revive some animal; all we have to do is do the basic
research that shows there is some *feasibility*.

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