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Oldest age at death on the increase

In the journal Science's September 29 issue, it was reported that the age
at which the longest lived people die is steadily on the rise.
Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, analyzed statistics
from the years 1861 through 1999 for Sweden, which has a history of a lack
of misreporting this information and was therefore determined the most
reliable source of records. The researchers noted that the results of the
analysis should apply to the populations of other industrialized countries
as well.

The oldest lived person in Sweden in 1861 was reported to be 101 at the
time of death. In 1999, the oldest age at death had risen to 108. The
researchers sought to determine if the rise has occurred because of the
increase in the size of the populations studied which would provide a
statistically greater chance of longer lived people, but this was not the
case. The rise in maximum age at death in Sweden from the 1861 to the
1990s was mainly attributable to the reduction in death rates of people
over seventy, while only 12% of the increase was due to the growth of the
groups(organized by year of birth) studied. Results for men and women
were almost identical. The trend toward older maximum death ages in
wealthier nations began to accelerate upward in 1970 and will most likely

The authors of the report conclude with the following optimistic
statements: "Although the maximum has increased much more slowly than the
average, the entire distribution of ages at death has been shifting upward
for more than a century in Sweden and, presumably, in other countries as
well. Reductions in death rates at older ages, which have accelerated in
recent decades, seem likely to continue and may gradually extend the
limits of achieved human longevity even further." (Science Vol 289, No


The concept of taking actions now to maintain youthful health is based on
published scientific studies showing that the diseases of aging may be
prevented, or can at least be postponed.

People who want to reduce their risk of disease are often overwhelmed by
the volume of technical data on the subject. The Life Extension Foundation
has reviewed more than sixty-four years' worth of published medical
literature, and Foundation personnel have spent more than thirty-five
years working with physicians and scientists in the antiaging field.

Before you embark on a program to reduce your risk of degenerative
disease, it is important for you to know about scientific studies
conducted on humans that show these therapies really work. If you are not
aware of these published studies, you may be unlikely to methodically
follow a long-term disease prevention program.

If you are healthy now, and want to stay that way, the Life Extension
Foundation has designed protocols that incorporate the best-documented
disease-preventing nutrients and hormones.

The Foundation's Prevention protocols consists of the 11 most important
supplements for the average person to take every day to reduce risk of
contracting the degenerative diseases of aging.

Remember, the Prevention protocol is for healthy people. Those seeking to
treat an existing disease can refer to the many specific disease
prevention protocols contained in this book.

The following recommendations are listed in order of importance:
Recommendation 1: Life Extension Mix
Recommendation 2: Life Extension Booster
Recommendation 3: Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)
Recommendation 4: Restoring Youthful Hormone Balance
Recommendation 5: Trimethylglycine (TMG)
Recommendation 6: Cognitex and Ginkgo
Recommendation 7: For Men: Saw Palmetto / Nettle Extract,
For Women: Bone Assure
Recommendation 8: Melatonin
Recommendation 9: Life Extension Herbal Mix
Recommendation 10: Mega Soy Extract
Recommendation 11: Aspirin (Healthprin)

(Please observe the appropriate precautions pertaining to the above

Life Extension Mix

Since 1983, Life Extension Mix has been reformulated fourteen times to
reflect new scientific findings about preventing disease and slowing
premature aging. Foundation members use Life Extension Mix as the
cornerstone of an overall program to maintain an optimal state of health.
The 67 ingredients contained in Life Extension Mix provide broad-spectrum
protection against the molecular mechanisms involved in degenerative
disease and aging. What makes Life Extension Mix so different from other
multinutrient formulas is that it:
1. Provides the optimal dose for most nutrients
2. Provides the most bioavailable form of each nutrient
3. Contains pharmaceutical-grade nutrients

Life Extension Mix is an antioxidant formula that affords a considerable
degree of protection against free radicals. In addition, Life Extension
Mix includes nutrients that: enhance methylation (an essential process
that declines during aging); inhibit glycosylation (a significant cause of
aging damage); suppress apolipoprotein serum levels (a cause of
atherosclerosis); suppress homocysteine serum levels (a cause of
cardiovascular disease); suppress mitochondrial oxidative stress (a cause
of premature aging); protect against thrombosis (abnormal blood clotting
inside arteries); maintain microcapillary perfusion; and protect against
DNA mutations that lead to certain cancers.

Life Extension Booster

Life Extension Booster provides a "boost" in potency to Life Extension
Mix. Members of the Life Extension Foundation learned of the importance
of the gamma form of vitamin E in 1997. Since then Gamma E Tocopherol has
become a popular supplement. Each softgel of the Life Extension Booster
now equals one capsule of Gamma E Tocopherol, so those taking the Booster
no longer need to take Gamma E tocopherol. The Booster provides:

Selenium - Selenium is one of the most important nutrients to supplement
with, and each softgel of Life Extension Booster equals one capsule of
Super Selenium Complex, thus reducing the need to take supplemental

Carotenoids - The carotenoids lycopene, lutein and alpha carotene are
becoming popular, and the Life Extension Booster contains more lycopene
along with natural beta-carotene, alpha carotene and a potent dose of

Grape-seed extract - The Booster contains Masquelier OPC Gold extract, the
undisputed Cadillac brand of all grape-seed extracts, along with the
BioVin Full Spectrum Grape Seed-Skin extract. These two extracts provide
potent doses of the proanthocyanidins.the strongest natural antioxidants.

Folate and B12 - As in most multinutrient formulas formulated by The Life
Extension Foundation, the maximum allowable limit of folic acid, along
with vitamin B12 is included to facilitate youthful remethylation
throughout the body (and lower toxic serum homocysteine levels).

Ginkgo, plus - The Booster also contains a small amount of
pharmaceutical-grade ginkgo extract and Roche brand ascorbyl palmitate and
calcium ascorbate.


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maximum antioxidant effect, Artichoke extract lowers cholesterol safely,
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for your mouth; Profile: Beyond achievement; Review: A gift from the
future; Q & A: Getting what you pay for; Medical Updates: October 2000
Medical Updates; Abstracts: October 2000 Abstracts.

Please email me if you have questions concerning this ezine or other life
extension topics.

For longer life,

Dayna Dye
Life Extension Foundation

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