Re: Gay Extropians!!!

From: Andy Toth (
Date: Fri Oct 06 2000 - 16:16:39 MDT

CPThat is actaully, exactly NOT what I am getting at here. For example, the
CProle of Gay Artist or Gay Philosopher is pretty common. My question,
CPis... just as a bee colony produces worker bees, warrior bees, a queen
CPbee, etc... perhaps evolution produces Gay people for the advantage of
CPthe society they are in. For example, because GLBTers don't bring the same
CPperceptions about relationships, they are more likely to introduce new and
CPnovel social memes. ... Any ideas about this?

at the heart of this matter (philosophy-people, worker-people) is
energy. i believe that expression of homosexual tendency is an
initially a crude energy optimizer, then, expressions of this
energy-use change, become, what we view as: a different mode.

above all, it (the biological relevance of homosexuality) should
appear to maximize the 'reproductive environment' and assure that the
environment is secure, in constant equilibrium change, and that a
segment is reproducing happily. this will include philosophy
modification, etc. but there is an entire sexual gradient to deal
with, from the most extreme homosexual (proton) to the weakest
bisexual (ZnCl), etc. and this gradient is what makes 'it' wonderful.

Andy, (.44M HCl)

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