TAKE TWO: Extropian Textbooks?

From: Brian D Williams (talon57@well.com)
Date: Fri Oct 06 2000 - 12:08:54 MDT

<remind me to fire my editor>

I was reading my way through a 20 year old book on Microeconomics
"An introduction to Microeconomics" Wonnacott/Wonnacott ISBN
0-07-071583-1 , an excellent book by the way, (sadly out-of-print)
when I had an idea.

It might be of benefit to have "Extropian Textbooks" for subjects
like economics, then in disputes we could simply point to the
relevant pages.

Any suggestions?

For anyone else interested in Macro/Microeconomics I also recommend
the excellent series on PBS of the same name with Dr Robert
Connolly of UNC Chapel Hill.


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