Re: Movement to Stop Militarization of Space

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Fri Oct 06 2000 - 09:21:49 MDT

> "James J. Hughes" wrote:
> > Dr. Hughes, I hope you don't lose respect for me after I say this, but in
> > my opinion, this is yet another thinly veiled attack from the growing
> > luddite lobby
> Well, I asked Bruce Gagnon about this (you can listen at
>, and he stoutly denied
> that the Mobilization is anti-space. In fact, some of the organizational
> members are space and astronomical organizations in the Third World who are
> simply afraid that space is going to be the sole preserve of the U.S. Space
> Command, and used to consolidate Pax Americana.

i.e.: Anyone who doesnt have a real space program wants to pass a law to
socialize space, a la the moon and outer space treaties. essentially this is
backed by those countries who would not mind being on the US list of 'rogue
states' (if they are not already), and do not want the nuclear weapons and
missiles they are developing to be nullified by a strategic defense system for
the united states. Gagnon is in fact a buddie of Rifkin, as a matter of fact, so
he IS a luddite, contrary to claims.

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