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Date: Fri Oct 06 2000 - 08:50:31 MDT

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<< We" don't have quasi-human level AI yet, but that doesn't mean some secret
 agency doesn't have it (or isn't on the verge of breeding it). Whoever gets
 human-competitive AI first will probably not have much interest in
 this accomplishment, because human-competitive AI would be very useful in
 breeding greater than human level AI, which would be much more valuable than
 mere human-competitive AI.
 As I see it, colonizing Mars will be a job for artificial life, not for us.
 --J. R. >>
Whoa you are a pessimist! I am guessing that if Hugo De Garis ain't working
on military A.I. then its not being worked on by the best, which will slow
things down-bigtime. The most the Military seems to do is create things like
hopping mines and such. Colosus or Sky-Net (Forbin Project or

Look-after all the clever things the Lookheed Skunkworks has achived over the
last several decades, it ain't much to show. A few still, top secret, drone
aircraft, Tacit Blue and what-not, B2, F-119 Stealth Fighters. Not much to
demonstrate, actually.
The market (whether in the USA or Bollywood) will find use for A.I. when it
becomes big! To make big money, they will require publicity to gain
market-share. Got's ta' have customers, ta make money.

Mars, will become a point of interest, in the 21st century (though I cannot
swear by this), it all depends on the technology and how useful it may become
for space colonization. Even more dramatic then the Genetic
Algorithm-designed robot, announced at Brandeis two weeks ago is the
potentiality for another technology. That technology has been termed 3D
printing, or formally, Laser Sintering. A tech like this, which seems to be
moving fast right now, seems to lead the way for a huge amount of change in
society. Making goodies fron software templates, implies that asteroid
colonization and such might well be rapidly achieveable for us monkeys to do.
This seems like a dark-horse technology that might win and alter the race.

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