Re: Movement to Stop Militarization of Space

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Thu Oct 05 2000 - 22:24:54 MDT

> > If Greenpeace takes over this country, I can be sure Ill be at the
> > top of their shitlist.
> Alex Future Bokov wrote: ...Darth Nader wouldn't think much of me
> either.
> I'll be honored to swing in the breeze alongside you, Mr. Jones.

I got thinking this over today. I really dont necessarily have that
of a beef with Greenpeace. As for the whale thing, well, Im more of
a krill man myself, but hey, I like trees. I used to climb em as a kid,
now I have several in my yard.

My goals are pretty much in parallel with theirs in many ways. I want
world peace too. I may have some opposite means. They carry signs,
I build lasers. They advocate peace thru weakness, I advocate peace
thru STRENGTH. I say weakness is how wars get started in the first
place, without fail. They advocate technological relinquishment, I say
*all* our problems are *caused* by insufficient technology. They say
NO NUKES, well, we *are* no-nukesing.

We all want peace, so in light of tomorrow's planned protest in
I had the following suggestions which, if someone who knows a
Greenpeacer, please can you pass this along:

Dear Greenpeace,

Having heard that you intend to protest the Space Based Laser program
at Lockheed Martin in Sunnyvale, I wish to help you find the building in

which the program resides: building 107. You get off of Mathilda
Ave going north, just on the north side of I101, turn left on the
road and head west towards Moffett Air Field, second right is H, then
first right, then right into the parking lot. Space Based Laser is
done in that building. I will have lunch with you if you wish. That
is company property of course, but you do not need a badge to go in.
There is a 1/5 scale model of the Hubble Space Telescope. Turn left
at that model, walk straight ahead to the cafeteria. The public is
in there, they have a great Vietnamese soup and sushi sometimes. Come
on over, I will explain to you why I am a believer in the Space Based
Laser, and why technology is our friend. Sincerely, spike jones

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