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From: floss morgan (flossposs@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu Oct 05 2000 - 11:09:12 MDT

Daniel Ust wrote-
My trial for a few months, about four years ago, with CR (with supplements
for full nutrition), actually did not reduce my energy levels. I felt more
peppy than when I overeat. (I admit, I don't overeat all that often, but
the general feeling I get when I eat a lot is that I'm tired.)

What are other people's experience on CR?

When I have some Iíll let you know! How many calories per day= CR? Iíd appreciate
any links or advice you have, on what to and not to do. Because you say it didnít
reduce your energy levels, and probably because Iím used to being a social
experiment, I think Iíll try it for a few months.
floss out

Floss Morgan

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