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> That would make him the guard dog, not the wolf. Notice that he's not
> immune from delayed onset of (<forgot the terminus technicus>)
> symptoms (Jerry Leaf, another data point). Despite the conditioning,
> the majority of us can't kill humans with impunity. (I do wonder about
> paintball and VR type of combat simulator games, media violence being
> a relatively minor point).

Interesting observation. Having grown up with firearms and having had early
formal training in gun safety at my dad's insistence, I had an experience
bearing on this a few years ago. Playing paintball with some friends, I had
gotten myself positioned as a "forward scout" protecting our flag-theft team
from a well camoflaged position near the main route to the Bad Guy's goal.
We had infiltrated through the Bad Guy's flag-guards without detection. I
suddenly saw the opposing player who would be the one to detect our
infiltration team's return from grabbing the flag. He didn't see me and I
had a clear shot at him through the heavy East Texas brush. I drew a bead on
him but, for a moment had the oddest sensation of deep safeguards within my
mind kicking in: "Don't Point Guns at People. Don't Shoot People" a strong,
clear voice from my childhood spoke in my head. I had to consciously tell
myself that the weapon in my hand wasn't a "real" gun before I could pull the

I'd played paintball before and hadn't had this experience. The difference
was the "cold blooded" nature of the shot I was about to take. In the "heat
of battle" it had never been difficult to shoot a paintball at someone . . . .

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