Re: Pointless Re: Eugene's nuclear threat

From: Eugene Leitl (
Date: Wed Oct 04 2000 - 14:26:10 MDT

Brian Atkins writes:
> This is hilarious (scary?), the dissonance has already kicked in apparently

Already? Darn, ran out of meds, again.

> such that you are rationalizing away your responsibility. Shades of the
> scientists working on the original A-bomb perhaps?

I'm honoured by the comparison with those great men (thankfully, you
didn't compare me with Edward Teller) attempting to preempt Nazi
Germany in the race to the nuke, but what exactly is it that you're
accusing me of?

As I said, I think having molecular circuitry is crucial for uploads,
and uploads are supposed to save our all asses, by making us
competitive with golems. I've given my arguments why I think this is
true. I'm not responsible what Eliezer's going to do with the stuff,
that's why he's on *my* 'gene's Very Own Extremely Evil People list.

I've also made a ;) argument, telling don't hit me, I'm not the one.
(And yeah: you think that's air you're breathing?!)

If I can't even make a joke in an argument, I think the matters have
gone way too far. I hope this is not giving us a taste how conflicts
between differing camps are conducted, 'cause then I'm moving in into
one of those abandoned missile silos, with a load of supplies to last
a man-century.

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