Re: The Cassini Division

From: John M Grigg (
Date: Wed Oct 04 2000 - 14:55:08 MDT

Amazing, I bought this novel only a few days ago and as I am reading it(currently on page thirty) I find it is a thread on the list. Of course, I could not resist reading the posts which sort of spoiled the ending for me.

So, when it comes out in paperback you folks finally break down to read it! lol I wanted to read it when I spotted it in hardcover but the price was just too expensive for me. But, most of you make solid incomes! :)

I would have hoped the posthumans were written as noble but misunderstood and at the end of the book after a disasterous attack(for humanity) they reach some sort of reconciliation. The posthumans would explain the viral attack was just to slow down our march to posthumanity to give us more time to mature as a race. Humanity would then learn the posthumans had been battling some hostile menace from elsewhere and in fact deserve our greatest gratitude for having saved us.

Were I the script doctor for a hollywood film version then this is how I would rewrite things. Of course, I would be overruled because seeing humans stomp posthumans would be more fun to the statist audiences...

The A. A. Attanasio novel Solis had posthumans which I liked. I would recommend this book to everyone on the list. I just hope I am not reanimated to find my brain in the "straits" that the poor main character did!

I plan next on reading The Architects of Emortality by Brian Stableford. I had better hurry up and do it before one of you beat me to it and then blab all over the list about the plot! ;)


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