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Jeff Davis wrote:

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> >The relatively democratic and capitalistic allied powers, on the other
> hand, won
> >World War II.
> I inclined to think the Soviets did the lion's share of the work, despite
> the Hollywood version.
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I don't disagree with that: the Soviets did much of the dieing and killing.

The Soviets were part of the Allies during World War II. I don't know so
much about World War II, compared to many, but have seen the pictures of
Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin. The English Channel saved England.
Towards Russia, on the other hand, were Germany's battalions directed, and
Russia's towards Germany.

Stalin was quite evil. He "purged" more Russians than did the Nazis of
Germans. It is notable that today there is no "Eastern Bloc", and the
Russian Federation is structurally democratic. Yeltsin was incredibly good
for Russia.

It is indubitable that the huge levels of propaganda since World War II have
shaped my opinions, among those of many others. I didn't see too many war
movies, but watched most episodes of M.A.S.H., and read the "Guns of
Navarone", and those other MacLean war books.

So, the entire world should have at the very least those most minimal human
rights of freedom of speech, gathering, collaboration, expression of
religion, and presumed innocence. There are places where this is not so.

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