Re: Rights (Was Re: Violence in schools)

Date: Tue Oct 03 2000 - 19:00:41 MDT

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 Why ignore that it may have to do with genetics? Serial killers spawn serial
 killers (serially, I suppose).
 Instead of focusing on how to prevent sociopathology, why not focus on how to
 instill a longing for enlightenment in children? IOW, instead of asking how
 prevent sick kids, why not emphasize how to create Buddhas?

It is a small percentage of killers who are psychotic in ways that are
genetically predisposed. That behavior is predominately germinated, usually
in seriously abusive home life. Actually, by the time they are "serial
killers" it's too late to chat about why, rehabilition is pretty much

IMO the laws today treat children as property - making it difficult to
intervene in abuse situations. For purely selfish reasons (I'd like less
violent offenders and predators) I would prefer if children were NOT treated
as property but rather as human beings with rights.

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