Re: Violence in schools (Was Re: Back off! Im gay!)

From: J. R. Molloy (
Date: Tue Oct 03 2000 - 14:14:55 MDT

Michael S. Lorrey wrote,

> Nah, give each a 128 node Beowulf system (each node is a 1ghz Athlon) to run
> Each gets x time to load and construct/evolve their AI's, then they compete in
> virtual landscape constructed and operated by a third system. One key
> is while competing head to head, each has a virtual tamagotchi they have to
> for simultaneously. Competitions would cover the whole range, from combat, to
> puzzle solving, art & music to free form essay questions judged by human
> and 'compassion contests'.

Oooh, I like that. Does Eugene get to "nuke" Eliezer's AIs?

> What I'm most interested in seeing is some AI module for generating original
> initiative.

Yes, in addition, I'd like to import some original initiative into my own brain.
Slacking gets old after a few decades.

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