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Date: Tue Oct 03 2000 - 10:11:57 MDT wrote:
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> << In a message dated 10/2/2000 4:49:50 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
> writes: << Hey, isn't that the same guy that helped Al
> Gore's Dad or do I have someone else in mind? Seriously. >>
> Jeez and Bush Papa did serious business with the Reich until he was forced
> to
> stop by FDR in 1942, forced being the operative word. >>
> Jeez, Spudboy, I just asked a question. We can go on and on if we are trying
> to be embarrassing to one another. For example: --------nah, I refuse to do
> that even even though the material is factual.
> But I stick with my question: was Armand Hammer the guy at Occidental
> that helped Al Gore's daddy so much? I believe that money is still in the
> family.

Gore's family does have a large amount of money in Occidental Oil, and received
lots of campaign funding from Occidental, during which time the elder Gore's
stances on issues drifted markedly to the left, which eventually caused his
losing the election in conservative Tennessee. Several years later Al Gore Jr.
ran for congress on a decidedly more conservative platform than his father would
support (and he banished his father from his campaign), taking stances contrary
to those he allegedly held while a reporter at the liberal Tennesseean
newspaper, and only slipping back to liberal stances after joining Clinton and
losing many policy fights early in the administration to Hillary (she originally
wanted his office for herself also) only when her disastrous health care plans
failed and the GOP came resurgent in congress did Gore gain back control of many
policy issues that were under his original contract with Bill Clinton as part of
his agreement to be his vice president.

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