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Date: Tue Oct 03 2000 - 09:40:33 MDT

Hierarchical Distributed Genetic Algorithms
Unlike conventional genetic algorithms, HDGAs use a multiresolutional search
scheme and change structure to achieve a goal. In this application, an HDGA
investigates various configurations dynamically to find the optimal design of a
fuzzy logic controller for a complex, unmanned, space-based plant.
With the emergence of high-performance computing power, design engineers have
applied AI techniques to a wide spectrum of real-world problems in intelligent
and autonomous control.1 At the University of Arizona, for example, we have
developed a fuzzy logic controller (FLC) to control the temperature of a
space-based plant designed to produce oxygen from the Martian atmosphere.

Combinations of Evolutionary Computation and Neural Networks
Biologically motivated computing paradigms involving neural and evolutionary
ideas were prominent early in the history of computing, but were pushed into the
desert for forty years by handcrafted (creationist) approaches that could
deliverer immediate products. A confluence of factors emanating from computer
science, biology, and technology have brought self-organizing approaches back to
the fore. Neural networks in particular provide high evolvability platforms for
variation-selection search strategies. The
neuron doctrine and the fundamental nature of computing come into question. Is a
neuron an atom of the brain (artificial or natural) or is it itself a complex
information processing system whose interior molecular dynamics can be elicited
and exploited through the evolution process? We here argue the latter point of
view, illustrating how high evolvability dynamics can be achieved with
artificial neuromolecular computer designs and how such designs might in due
course be implemented using molecular computing devices. A table top
enzyme-driven prototype developed by our group is presented; it can be thought
of as a sort of artificial neuron in which the context sensitivity of enzyme
recognition is used to transform injected signal patterns into output activity.

Hierarchical evolutionary algorithms

Accelerating the Convergence of Evolutionary Algorithms
(and many other papers)
Fifth International Conference on
Parallel Problem Solving from Nature

hierarchical distributed genetic algorithm

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