Re: MacLeod's Cassini Division

From: J. R. Molloy (
Date: Mon Oct 02 2000 - 21:25:59 MDT

> Jupiter, meanwhile, has been redesigned by posthuman entities, the
> `fast folk', that blend organic roots and AI enhancements. Are they
> dreadfully dangerous - trapped in psychotic virtual realities, but likely
> to emerge at any moment - or should they be welcomed as our successors?
> Damien Broderick

How does welcoming the "fast folk" as our successors make them any less
dangerous? Seems to me they'd be much more dangerous if they had what it takes
to persuade us to welcome them as our successors.

--J. R.

  The crux is whether you find value in intelligence.
  If not, then the physical forces that we are familiar
  with today have the ultimate say, and humankind is
  ephemeral and of no significance -- even to itself.
  In which case, one then runs against Molloyism and
  embraces nihilism -- a different kettle of sushi indeed.
--Fast Company

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