Re: Let's hear Eugene's ideas

From: J. R. Molloy (
Date: Mon Oct 02 2000 - 20:50:27 MDT

Hal Finney wrote,

> I see the improved AI being put to work immediately because of the many
> commercial opportunities, so the public will generally be well aware of
> the state of the art. The many difficult ethical and practical dilemmas
> that appear when you have intelligent machines will become part of the
> public dialogue long before any super-human AI could appear on the scene.
> Therefore I don't think that super-intelligent AI will catch society by
> surprise, but will appear in a social milieu which is well aware of the
> possibility, the potential, and the peril. If society is more concerned
> about the dangers than the opportunities, then we might well see Turing
> Police enforcing restrictions on AI research.

But this seems so... reasoned... so sensible, rational, and plausible.
Why, it's probably precisely the way things will turn out.
Gee whiz, no Sci-Fi special effects are necessary to see it this way.
What a buzz kill to read something that actually makes sense.
Then again, Thank you very much for putting some sanity into the discussion.

Indeed, economic considerations will definitely make up the bulk of the decision
process regarding AI. People will decide these issues with their check books,
not by conjecture.

--J. R.

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