Re: Eugene's nuclear threat

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sun Oct 01 2000 - 20:31:37 MDT

> > Heyyyy, why did i fall off the evil list? {8-[ Just a few months
> > ago Eugene awarded me the "downright evil" title, and I havent
> > gotten any less so since then... {8^D spike
> "Eliezer S. Yudkowsky" wrote: J.R. Molloy wants to kill everyone who disagrees
> with him,
> D. den Otter wants to become the first superintelligence and then erase
> everyone else on the planet, and Eugene Leitl thinks it's okay to murder
> scientists whose work he doesn't like.
> Spike, I don't care how you got your nickname, or where you live - you're not
> in that league.

You are too kind. Actually what happened is that Eugene labeled me
downright evil, someone else labeled him evil, the evils cancel leaving
me just "downright." {8^D

Where is den Otter these days? spike, the downright

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